The Web and You: Your Career & Your Future

The internet and world wide web have opened doors and created an information revolution, however it’s not all good!

While companies and organizations spend massive time and resources building their market visibility through their own personal brand, it seems that the mainstream population have missed the mark.

Your existing job and future career may rely on your web presence, especially the one you do not know about. While facebook has gathered members in unbelievable numbers, the most common reason I hear for someone not joining is the scariest of all.

The top reason I hear for people not joining facebook or other social media groups is that they do not want anything about them on the web, this would be laughable if not so serious. The web is full of information and if you know someone on the web then you either are on or will soon be too, willingly or not.

Facebook, Blogs and Websites are content rich, meaning that when someone posts a picture all talks about a job, company, friend or family member it becomes a part of the web. You may not realize it but when you go in for your review and there is a picture of a protest in D.C. and you’re in the background you better be ready to explain it, of course that’s if your lucky.

That picture may have been a complete misconception. You happen to be walking by to visit the nation’s capital and the local newspaper shot off a quick snap and guess what,  you’re in it.  I hope you know what the content underneath says about that protest that you are now presented in.

A company, organization or future spouse may never tell you, but they are looking.  Social Media is one of the biggest players in making or braking jobs and higher managers decisions.  They can be negative, but they can also be positive.

The lesson here is to get out there and do something, because if you’re not managing your image online then your letting someone else do it for you.

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