Review – Social Media Camp, Long Island June 25, 2010

Review – Social Media Camp, Long Island June 25, 2010

This free event was a fascinating collaboration of business, educational and technology providers across Long Island. I had the Chance to sit in three sessions all of which were very informative.

Social Media Now, by Kathy

Social Media is developing its role as a relationship builder in a community that can and will become clients and customers. The role of social media is to introduce you, not your products.   Through this process, people become familiar with the person behind the product or business and convert social media into positive ROI.

Podcasting 101, by Aaron

This wonderful media tool allows people to interact and capture the attention of followers through audio and video events (recordings). Audio Podcasts are still the top provider of media for outreach and education in technology.  This method makes for great networking and exposure. This is a great tool to establish a loyal core following of supports and establish you as an authority in your area of expertise.

Facebook, by Bruce

Facebook “Business Pages” or the Like Pages (aka Fan Pages) have customizations to them that few people take advantage of. With control over the landing page when a visitor visits or “Likes” your Business Page, the ability to customize those pages using PBML gives a unique and presentable feel to the business or product.

The event was very informative and diverse. This was a great opportunity to learn, network and have fun.  I highly recommend it to everyone in the future.



  1. It was great meeting you at the Camp and talking to you about podcasting! Thanks for coming to my topic & I hope to connect again in the future.

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