The truth about business ownership and entrepreneur opportunities

Actual business ownership and entrepreneur opportunities have never been easier, nor will they likely be ever again. The worst thing I have ever heard in the last decade as a Consulting Coach is I need to wait, or choosing to wait, it’s the deathtrap no one ever gets out of. There are lots of ways to build a business and a brand in very short order. Puglisi Consulting Group has been doing this for business owners and even divisions of major corporations for a while now.  Like anything else, until you educate yourself it always seems like to much or impossible.  If you really want to be your own boss the only way you will get there is by starting today.

Website – $500 to $2000

Prime Office Space – $199 month – $5000 a month

Marketing Materials (Highest Quality) $55 – $200 to start

Social Brand Marketing – well you get the picture

A basic business can get started  for around $750 with only about $200 recurring monthly. Granted, you have to put in the time to make it up in other areas, and you’ll need to be able to actually do or sell something, oh and get at least a county clerk business cert ($27-$45 onetime fee).

Point is everyday big business dries up the talent of small business owners and our population becomes stuck in the misconceived notion that they have to work for someone else.

Obviously, I could go on and there are other details to consider, but if you got a talent, time and a week’s pay in your pocket, you got all you need to receive both your own finances and the economy. or


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