Top Reasons to Blog, by Basil C. Puglisi

            1)You already do it every day….

            When you learn about something, develop an opinion, share information, you are already blogging, you just haven’t taken the time to write it down or share it, why?

            2) Stress Release

            They say when something bothers you can count to ten or write down what’s bothering you. *note in this case, choosing not to publish may be a good idea, but that’s up to you.

            3) Education is a global responsibility

            The internet is full of so-called experts, if people who really know about a topic do not get on and share it, then others will be mislead by others. Wiki is a great example of this.

            4) Visibility

            The blog is a way to get your name and skills out there. Looking for that next great career move? Want to run for public office? The blog is a  simple way to share what you know and how you are qualified.

            5) Optimization

            Have a website? Blogs are the perfect tool to share information, display your website and drive traffic to your business, campaign or whatever.


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