T-Mobiles myTouch Slide review

T-Mobile seems to have turned its myTouch line into its very own franchise. Or at least it is now thanks to the new addition of a second model as well as a solid line of accessories. Still, we all know that it isn’t all about the hardware.

Actually, it seems that the myTouch 3G Slide has built its own custom skin on top of HTC’s Sense for the Android 2.1. The phone actually seems to represent the coveted deep carrier customized experience that most are searching for in a mobile device. Although the original product was a bit larger than some may have desired, the new release seems to have this covered in a slimmer model that offers a bit better packaging.

It also looks a lot better in person than it does on videos or web photos. This is a huge relief since most of the pre-promos showed a body that was a bit on the ugly side and looked bulky and inconvenient to some users already using the more advanced and more expensive technologies.

Although the Slide does provide some new features and up-to-date aesthetic looks, it also continues to share some of the design features common to its namesake. It seemed redundant to have to return to the HVGA display to run the test review on the Slide, but it was also odd that the WVGA wasn’t as missed as much as previously foreseen. Speculation is that it may be due to the plentiful screen. Not only this, but the screen itself has that ‘glass-front’ feel instead of the shaky plastic that can scare us at the thought of an accidental drop. The air of high quality is much appreciated.

Oddly, there seems to be a bit of resistance and anything but a smooth flow between the devices open and closed aspects. Rubbing noises when closing or opening the display seem to be rather common.


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