Banner Display Networks

Banner display networks can offer business owners the ability to target customers, vertical markets and other advertising aspects on the pages they are already browsing. This kind of ad serving technology can provide instant global visibility.

How Do Banner Display Networks Work?

Users create or have created for them professional banner ads that are displayed on many thousands of websites across the internet on the users behalf. Banner display networks target niche ‘viewers’, which means those who are already viewing your competitors products and services, may very well see your own banner displaying your products and services as well. This is called an ad impression.

Another important aspect about banner display networks is that the more your ads are displayed to prospective buyers, the more familiar your company, or brand, begins to be to possible buyers. This can be known as building your brand’s awareness. Marketers understand that often you will need to put your product or service in the customers view, and hopefully their minds, four to seven times before they may decide to make a purchase from you.

Where Will My Ads Be Displayed?

Commonly, a user will choose from their targeted categories of sites that you would like to display your banner ads on. Good banner display networks will also offer the option to geo-target some of your audience. If your business is offline as well as online, this can be a vital form of advertisement when users try to search engine browse for products and services in your particular area.

Banner Options

Dependant on the quality of the service you use, you may be able to gain the services of a professional graphics designer who will communicate with you about what you would like your banner to display. There is also likely to be a large choice of templates to be used as the base option for your banner. These options will include the type of banner ad such as top-bar or side-bar options.

Banner display networks do have their price, however, most are able to boast a level of efficiency in helping their users to achieve higher viewed status on their websites.


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