It’s in the Details, Stats on Social Media

If your still not sure about Social Media as a sales tool, think about this!

“customer reviews had a strong influence on the purchases of 71% of respondents—while only 25% said the same about Facebook fan pages”—an interesting statistic considering the pace at which companies are setting up Facebook pages. Seems to me there is a disconnect here since comments posted on a Facebook page are customer reviews, aren’t they?

 “Customers are constantly accessing information via multiple touchpoints — including mobile devices, social networks, and company websites — throughout the research process. Companies have come to recognize the importance of providing excellent cross-channel services to improve the customer experience. In fact, 80 percent of customer experience decision makers said that improving cross-channel interactions was one of their key priorities in 2010. However, consumers consistently rate satisfaction levels for cross-channel experiences as poor, so it is apparent that businesses often struggle to deliver on this goal.”

Think about how you are using, or not using Social Media to meet consumer needs!


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