SitePal: 3D People greet site vistors

Sitepal has introduced a rather impressive new set of speaking avatars. While the technology behind this type of avatar may be complex, the simplicity of its use may make it worth its weight. Thanks to 3-D Photoface, who has some of the most life-like avatar creations on the web, these avatars are of a quality perhaps never seen before in this type of public use format.

Although Sitepal already boasts over 250 customizable avatars, they now offer those who cannot find the perfect match among that batch, the opportunity to build their own virtual web speaking avatar by doing no more than uploading their own photo of choice, and selecting a few options in the avatar creation wizard.  

Sitepal can now laud their avatars as having intensely human characteristics, all the way down to customized voice personalities and detailed facial movement and expressions. The ability to fine-tune an avatar so specifically for your site now, may have some users considering the usage of this kind of website capability for themselves.

Sitepal does offer a free trial so that users can test out their limits with their product. However, if you find yourself newly addicted to the features it provides, even a basic account will cost you at least $9.95 per month. That includes only the most basic of features.

Integrating audio through microphones, telephone or from a custom recording.

Available editor that includes over sixty characters and hundreds of background videos and images. You can also use your own scene if you choose.

The ability to publish to emails, PowerPoint, or HTML web pages.

Basic users get up to 1,500 streams per month as well as email support. This is not a terrible deal if your site can utilize this type of speech technology.

Many of the other features that a lot of users find helpful such as Sitepal’s text-to-speech scripting will require a higher paid membership. High end Sitepal features can cost up to $250 USD per month. Higher paid accounts of course receive a higher stream allotment as well as other key selling points such as eBay store integration.


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