My Space Games System Draws New Attention

The social internet website MySpace announced with great pride to the people in attendance at the Games Developers Conference that they have a better gaming system for those social gamers. The functions and tools are superior and they have improved the user friendliness.

The MySpace users that own the iphone now have the ability to play all of the MySpace games on their phones. The names of some of the iphone games include Hoop Fever Live, Zombie Revenge and Wild Ones just to name a few. The players no longer have to sit in from of their computer towers or laptops to play the games they love. They have the choice and freedom of playing their games when and where they want to.

MySpace says that nearly one third of their current members are playing their games on a daily basis. They are hoping that all of the members who want to play will discover the newest changes and want to jump on the daily “game wagon”. MySpace hopes that the players, new and old, will share the games with other members.

They have greatly improved the usability of the Game Gallery. Gamers will find that they can now find new games that they haven’t played before, and play those games recommended by other friends. Players also have the ability to rate the games that they play. If the rating on each game is high, this will inspire others to play. They have greatly improved the gaming search tool so the user can easily find the games they are looking for.

The social platform that MySpace is using is enticing to game developers and gamers alike. Those developers receive support for the games from some of the major development houses. This improves the games for the developers and the players.

MySpace is hosting “Game Development on Social Platforms”. Those involved will learn how to build games for that platform among other topics. The MySpace technical team members will be available to help the developers and gamers perfect their specific games, or build games.


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