T-Mobile’s New HTC HD2

On specs alone, HTC HD2 looks to be the best mobile 6.5 device ever created for Windows. It contains a 4.3 inch screen with 800 x 480 resolution. It also includes a speedy 1-GHZ process by Snapdragon. After the recent launch for the HD2, it was easy to get my hands on this device to see if it could live up to its own hype.

It quickly became obvious that this was indeed likely the best 6.5 device around. The touch screen is increasingly fun to play with, it also does a great job of putting the iPhone screen to shame, however, it is comparable to the Droid or Nexus One quality of touch screen and resolution.

The interface seems highly responsive, assuming due to the Snapdragon processor. Apps seem to open without the smallest delay.

Web Browsing

Browsing the web with the HD2 is also rather enjoyable. HD2 uses Opera Mobile so that on most pages you should see most, and commonly most often, all of the page itself. The web speed is also impressive on its 3G network.

However, there are some bug issues with the HD2 and web browsing. so in this aspect, the iPhone’s smooth Safari can blow the HD2’s web browser hitches out of the water. There seems to be a rather large bug that is involved with zooming in on a page. Many users have in fact reported the same exact issue, so this is obviously a manufacturing bug early on. Sure to be a quick fix around the corner.

This nifty device comes bundled with exclusive apps from places like Barnes & Noble as well as Blockbuster and MobiTv. Users can rent or buy movies from Blockbuster via the app available. The Barnes & Noble app gives users a world of literature at the tip of their fingers.

All in all, with a few flaws and a few shining perks, this mobile device is certain to be a hit, at least, that is, until the next one trumps it.


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