Social Brand Visibility: Propeller

A Social Bookmarking Service, Propeller was born of Netscape. A design Similar to Digg it allowed users to vote, via bookmarking on stories and sites that visitors found useful.

In 2007 AOL bought the bookmarking site and did the rebrand for Propeller, unfortunately it did not propel as far as they had hoped. By 2009 the site traffic had slowed to a crawl and it took as little as 15 votes to get to the top of the page.

It is unlikely likely that the Social Site will make it into 2011, however there can be no doubt that this grandfather of Social Media will remain in the digital history books next to Netscape, once the most powerful web browser.


“Note to all users: As of October 1, 2010, Propeller will no longer be active. To the loyal users of the site, we extend our thanks. Keep talking about the news that matters most to you and sharing it with your friends both online and off. – Team Propeller”


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