Twitter and Google Buzz?

Google Does Not Plan to Be Left Behind – Buzz

Although they have had no choice lately, Google has announced its plans to take ‘what it does best’, which is organizing web content by relevancy, and apply this same method to social media formats. Social media is notoriously perhaps one of the most disorganized aspects of the internet.

They plan to begin tying the Gmail Web Interface in with social media status updates and other forms of sharing technology. This may just be one more attempt at Google’s ever present need to convince any internet users that for any aspect of the net available, Google has one better, but only time will tell.

According to Google engineers, someone at least has to try. Considering that a lot of the world’s vital internet information is shared among Google’s top players alone, it may be more than a bit behind the times to begin delving into the social media world that even they could have been taking advantage of for this long.

Google has now integrated Google mail, known as Gmail, with Buzz which allows users to share their links on Twitter, Flickr, Google Reader and more. This allows you to see business and personal activity of those who are active in your Gmail buzz list.

Developers at Google believe that they can build their own advantage in social medias by continuing to focus and concentrate on relevant and high ranking material, even within social networks. Not only can you see the activities of those on your follow list, but you can also see the activities of those on their lists if they like or share information.

Google Buzz users will also be able to begin to train their own algorithms by selecting if something is recommendable, or whether you just are ‘not interested’ in the information presented.  This may provide a new aspect for social media lovers in the fact that they can eliminate posts such as those about someone’s private life or dinner recipes and only follow the information in a certain niche that will only get more perfected with more use.


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