Propeller Chip News

It looks like the new propeller chip will be an incredible addition to our current application technology. This chip contains eight processors or cogs, that can operate simultaneously, cooperatively, or even independently. This allows them to share common resources from a central hub.

This new chip allows developers to retain full control over when and how each seperte cog is utilized. Its shared system timer keeps each cog on the same time reference which ultimately allows for true deterministic synchronization. It will also come with two different programming languages. Propeller Assembly, and Spin. Propeller Assembly can execute up to 160 MIPs per cog.

Who Will Use Propeller?

Propeller is a highly diverse chip that will be used by many different industries such as process control engineering and even robotics manufacturers. Due to its on-board video capability as well as easy connectivity to common PC peripherals, it is fair to say that many industries from the largest to the home based creators will take advantage of Propeller.

Many other areas where Propeller will be of benefit can include:

  • Art
  • Hobbies
  • Home Applications
  • Medical
  • Science
  • Industrial

What Do You Need to Get Started?

You will of course need the Propeller Chip as well as a USB Serial connection to the chip. Some boards and modules may actually require a prop plug for integration while others have the capability built-in. For hobbyist or students, it is recommended to try out the Propeller Starter Kit or the Propstick USB version.

Propeller will also come with a few very handy development tools enabling users from beginners to power-users to take advantage of the possibilities this chip will provide. You do not have to know programming language to use Propeller.

Many companies are already on-board with Propeller and utilizing it daily in their own industrial, creative and even medical settings.


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