Social Media: Propeller

It appears that Propeller, has finally gone the way of the dinosaur. This aspect of Social Media bookmarking, although an older model, was likely still a contributing factor in where social media has gone in the bit of time it has been around. Some would even call it a pioneer in its niche.

So maybe at this point a more appropriate question would be, what was Propeller?

Back in the early days there was a web browser called Netscape. Netscape was the browser until Gates pinned his eye on the internet. Well, Netscape had long ago set up a social bookmarking site that rivaled Reddit and Digg. Although it did begin to grow and start to look like a remote contender, it quickly lost any momentum it had begun to build.

As Netscape continued to dwindle, they sold their social bookmarking site to AOL. AOL immediately took action and began creating new branding for the site under the name Propeller. That was back in 2007 and it seems that every since then, Propeller has slowly been dwindling away. In the end it was rare for them to require more than one or two votes to bring a post to the front page.

Although there are bigger social media formats already available, it is certainly up in the air about where all of the old Propellerheads went and what their sites of choice were once Propeller was brought down.

Reddit still seems to be shiny fairly brightly and Digg looks to have a stable future ahead as we seem to become more and more dependent on our social medias and social bookmarking sites. As there is no doubt that social bookmarking will continue to be important to those who want to market and advertise their brand, products or services on worldwide social media sites.


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